Vine Vera On The Benefits of Using Resveratrol

The 5 Benefits of Using Resveratrol – Things That you Need to Know

Vine Vera on Resveratrol benefitsResveratrol is a compound that naturally occurs in the skin of grapes and is considered to be a natural remedy for various types of health and skin problems. It is now being used extensively in its supplement form and has become the first choice of many skin care brands which use this form to create unique and effective skin care products. Resveratrol acts as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. There have been many laboratory and animal-based studies in recent times which have confirmed the health benefits this compound offers.

Resveratrol can help treat or prevent conditions like cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, inflammation and atherosclerosis. It also claims to slow down the aging process and aid in weight loss. The amazing benefits of resveratrol have been discussed in details below.

1. Combating Weight Loss

Recent studies reveal that resveratrol can help in weight loss as it might stimulate the expression of adiponectin which is a hormone that fights off insulin resistance and possesses anti-obesity properties. This study was published in 2011 in Journal of Biological Chemistry. Animal-based studies prove that resveratrol helps to speed up metabolism and also counteracts fat cell formation.

2. Ensuring that you take care of your heart

Resveratrol has also shown its benefit in treating heart diseases as suggested in a report from Molecular Aspects of Medicine in 2010. The author’s note from this report suggested that resveratrol might be helpful in decreasing LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body, prevent the arteries from becoming hard and keep our blood pressure in check. However it has not shown help in preventing heart diseases till now.

3. Does it help in preventing cancer?

It isn’t clear but here is something that you might want to know – a report published in 2011 from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences stated that resveratrol might be helpful in preventing and treating cancer. Many preliminary studies suggested its anti-cancer effects. A 2008 study on cultures of cell stated that resveratrol helped in suppressing progression of breast cancer in early stages. Resveratrol aided in preventing estrogen from reacting with DNA molecules and form those compounds which started the cancer cell formation in the early stages.

4. Aging slowly and gracefully

A review in the year 2009 revealed that red wine had a lot of benefits out of which preventing age-related disorders was a top one. Resveratrol supplements have the ability to suppress inflammation. A study was carried out where 20 people took 40mg of resveratrol or a placebo pill once daily for one and a half months. Resveratrol had helped to reduce oxidative stress which is a biological process related to aging and also inflammation.

5. Skin care has just got a lot easier and more effective

Other researches indicate that resveratrol might be helpful in fighting off skin damage that is caused due to harmful ultraviolet lights. A 2005 study in The FASEB Journal stated that it helped against reducing signs of aging if applied to the skin directly.

Today, you would find resveratrol being used extensively in a number of skin care products that include moisturizers and anti aging serums. It helps you look younger and helps your skin achieve that tone that you always needed.

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