Unearthing The Widely Popular Korean Skin Care Schedule

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There is always hype when it comes to discussing the Korean skin care routine; however, this hype is not without a reason since Koreans have always proved to be ahead of others when it comes to ensuring vibrant and beautiful skin. Moreover, Koreans are attributed with the invention of a number of successful skin care products and techniques as various techniques like cushion compacts, sheet masks, etc. originated there. Moreover, their technique has always proven to work effectively. So, here is the popular and effective Korean skin care schedule that passes every test to get incorporated into anyone’s skin care routine.


Cleansing forms the first step in all sorts of skin care schedules; however, the Koreans seem to be a step ahead of others in the very first step, since they go for two types of cleansing. Firstly, they apply oil-based cleanser in order to get rid of any oil-based formulations, and this is followed by the application of foam based cleansers which take away all sorts of dust, dirt, and sweat off the face.


Koreans do realize the importance of exfoliating; but, more than this they focus more upon the frequency of exfoliating. This is because they have set clear guidelines for people with sensitive skin to exfoliate once in 7-8 days. This is done to ensure that they gain maximum benefits of exfoliation.


Toner is a must in Korean routine, specifically because they use two types of cleansers. So, this treatment invariable takes a lot of moisture off the skin and makes it vulnerable to drying. So, toner ensures that the skin is rehydrated, and that it is completely prepared for the subsequent treatments.


Essence is the dearest to Koreans. Its formulation is quite similar to boosters or serums; however, it comes with watery consistency, which starkly resembles that of a toner. This is pivotal to be included since it straightaway addresses the issue of occurrence of fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles, etc.


Masks are significant for Koreans since they insist on using masks at least twice in a week. They come with a number of purposes according to the requirements of one’s skin. For instance, there are hydrating masks that are included to restore the moisture of the skin. Moreover, there are other masks whose sole purpose is to ensure the brightness and radiance of the skin.

Eye Cream

Eye Cream is a must in Korean skin care routine, and this is the reason how people age gracefully here. The signs of ageing are not visible for a long time, since the thinnest area of the face, the under eye area is treated effectively with the help of eye cream, right from one’s young age. And, this is the area that exhibits the first signs of ageing. So, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, etc. is kept at bay with the help of application of eye cream.


Koreans have now incorporated this step as well, as they always ensure that they wear a sunscreen with SPF above 30 to get the necessary protection from the sun, and ward off any signs of early ageing.

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