Unearthing Skincare Basics Every Teenager Must Follow

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Teenage skin suffers a lot because of radical and abrupt changes in one’s body. As women hit puberty there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body. The skin behaves differently then as there is excess oil and sudden appearance of blemishes. Acne is quite common as well during this age. The problem of acne occurs because of androgens, the hormones that prompt the production of more oil and sebum in the body. This results in clogging of the pores, which, in turn, leads to various skin issues like whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, nodules, and pustules, to name a few. The area affected with acne experiences serious inflammation too. So, teenagers must know the basics of skincare during this stage in order to tackle these problems effectively.

Skincare Plan For Teenage Skin

Here are some of the ways to take effective care of teenage skin.

Cleanse Two Times In A Day

Teenager skin has to be cleansed at least twice in a day. The excessive production of oil by the glands makes it necessary for teenagers to cleanse their skin twice daily. This helps in effectively removing the dead skin cells, oil, and sebum that sit on the surface of the skin, and prevent other products from functioning properly. Moreover, it reduces the chances of blemishes as well. So, one must select an appropriate cleanser that helps in regulating the production of oil in the skin, besides, keeping the skin refreshed. In this case, the cleanser with charcoal is found to work wonders as it absorbs the excessive oil from the skin. Moreover, there are good quality cleansers that remove impurities impressively.

Exfoliate Regularly

If teenagers want to have fresh complexion then they have to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation also helps in preventing blemishes like blackheads, acne, etc from occurring. So, one must choose a good quality exfoliator that not only removes flakes, but also smoothens skin’s texture. The pores must be properly cleansed and tightened as well. Again, there are exfoliating creams with formulae that could help in drawing out impurities and blackheads that lead to clogging of pores.


Moisturizing the skin is an indispensable element in a skincare routine. One must keep hydrated all the time both from within and outside. So, in this regard, it is mandatory for women with oily skin to keep hydrated as well. In this case, women must go for lightweight, oil-regulating moisturizers that are non-comedogenic. This thing ensures that the moisturizer doesn’t cause clogging of pores, and yet provides the essential dose of moisture that is required by the skin.


Protecting the skin is another fundamental rule every teenager must learn to obey earnestly. It is mainly the sun that is the major culprit. Teenagers might blame everything on hormonal changes and stress, but they realize sooner that it is the sun which has the maximum impact on the skin. These teenagers start experiencing early signs of aging once they enter into their 20s. This is because they weren’t able to take care of the skin during the teen years. So, one must wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of 15 at least to keep the harmful radiations of sun at bay.

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