The years of neglecting your skin will only have their effects knows as when you hit your 30s. It is during this third decade of your life that sun spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark circles under the eyes bear testament to your skin sins. However, if you did your best to pamper your skin, and then your 30s will be a period when you exemplify your beauty.


Pampering your skin is a lifetime job, so you still will need to be good to your skin. However, just avoid doing too much of certain skin care regimens. For instance, you will need to cut down on regimens that tend to be harsh in nature such as the anti-acne treatments. Nevertheless, you still need to cleanse your skin. Do not be too quick to use scrubs each night when washing off your makeup. Instead, use a makeup remover then proceed to use a face wash that has exfoliating actives to get your skin clean. A gentle scrub is okay but use it once after every two nights.

While moisturisers are a must have, you should use a product that is more than just a simple moisturiser. Go for a product that has contains ingredients that give it that extra boost in regards to skin care. Coffee, soy, and vitamin C are some of the ingredients to look for in moisturisers. Since you are in the third decade of your life, you should switch from the standard moisturisers that you were using during your 20s and start using products that are rich in antioxidants. Apply moisturisers that complement your sunscreen to protect you from the harsh effects of the sun.

You can maintain your complexion as you approach your 40s by using lightening creams that contain vitamin K. Pay particular attention to the dark under-eye circles and your lips. Go for a cream that contains blood pigment clearing properties and use it every night without forgetting your SPF. Remember to pay close attention to your neck as well as the back of your hands.


Your third decade is a time when you need to consider making the necessary dietary changes that support the health of your skin. Note the various natural ingredients listed on the different skin care products and start taking foods that contain the same ingredients. You can also boost your diet with supplements.

Chia seeds, avocados, lemons, coconut oil, are just some of the healthy skin care elements you will find in foods. As for supplements, you can take 1,00mg of Omega3 fatty acids, daily. Do as little sugar as you possibly can while trying to avoid artificial sugar because it has been found that sugar speeds up the aging process.


Think on the lines of modern treatments and you will be amazed at what is available out there. Vitamin mesotherapy that uses electric pulses to transfer a blend of amino acids and vitamins to the dermis. Vitamin mesotherapy helps to get rid of wrinkles and line while rejuvenating and lightening dark areas of the skin. Laser facial treatments are a great way of boosting your collagen levels, which reduces the formation of freckles, pores, and fine lines.

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