Many people wonder about how to take care of their skin just after getting up in the morning. The marketplace is loaded with lots of cleansers and other skin care products, but one must remember that there are various skin types and hence the requirements are different.

Pampering The Dry Skin

Even if the skin is dry, a morning cleanse can do away with the bacteria and oil that has settled on the skin throughout the night. People with dry skin should opt for a cleanser which is creamy in nature and contains ample amount of ceramides, glycerin, or other gentle components. In short, the cleanser should not dry out the skin.

Once the cleansing is over, one should use a serum for moisturization containing glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. The moisturizer to be applied to the dry skin must seal the hydration. Therefore, it is good to rope in an SPF booster to enhance the level of hydration.

Treating The Oily Skin

As usual, morning cleansing is essential for oily skin too. But it is better to cleanse an oily skin powder cleanser or one that is rich in salicylic acid or glycolic acid. The cleansing must be followed by toning. In the day, the best option for people with oily skin is to use a serum for moisturization. Moreover, the skin should also be exfoliated, with special care to exfoliate the eyebrow area too. Using powdered sunscreen offers morning protection without making the skin greasy and also prevents the oily shine later during the day.

Caring For The Combination Skin

People who have combination skin should consider themselves to possess two types of skin. If a T-zone is present, it might require glycolic acid or salicylic acid for their oil-cutting capability. However, these same components might cause dryness if applied to other parts of the skin. People with combination skin should at first carefully observe the behavior of the skin at daytime, before choosing the products. Having combination skin does not mean that one has to apply all kinds of products on the face. If the skin has a dry periphery with an oily T-zone, a milder cleanser is the best product to use and this should be followed by toner application in the oily portion. It is also advisable to use serums that have a good amount of antioxidants.

Taking Care Of Other Exclusive Skin Types

Apart from the major types, there are many other kinds of skin which require appropriate care during the morning. For instance, if the skin is dull, one needs to give it a real boost in the morning by using exfoliating powder for cleansing, which does away with the dead skin cells. Again, for hyper-pigmented skin, one needs a cleanser rich in Vitamin C, since the vitamin has proven properties that reduce pigmentation. Also, one should try a niacinamide containing serum in order to fight off pigments.

Cleansers consisting of glycolic acid or salicylic acid are the best things when it comes to washing acne-prone skin in the morning. For moisturization, a serum is the best product since it hydrates while at the same time enables the skin to breathe.

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