Simple Yet Perfectly Proven Winter Hair Care Tips

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The advent of winter brings a number of challenges for people. Apart from bracing the biting wind, they have to ensure proper care of their skin and hair. This is because, a little bit carelessness, and people have to pay heavily. Our skin and hair is susceptible to more damage in the winter season, solely because the requirements of the hair are not met with the moisture present in the air. This leads to the formation of frizzy hair, which causes irritation and hair breakage as well. However, people could definitely manage their hair perfectly by adopting these simple yet highly proven tips.

Hot Oil Massage

Hot oil massage is a befitting reply to the problem of dull hair. This is because hot oil provides the necessary lustre and life back to the hair. So, massaging hot oil gently can prevent the occurrence of dull and drab here; moreover, one could also tackle the problem of dandruff by adding lemon juice in the oil.

Wash Less

Washing less is recommended by experts in winter, since washing removes the moisture. Moreover, excessive use of shampoo invariably makes the hair turn frizzy. And, the problem worsens when people try to sort out the frizzy hair by fighting with them. Apart from washing less, one must make it a point to always avoid using hot water for bathing and washing the hair. This is because hot water is the major culprit of the hair, since it instantly weans it off the natural moisture.

Use Wide-Toothed Combs

As it has been explained earlier as well, the hair turns frizzy in winter due to the harsh climatic conditions. So, people need to use wide-toothed comb so that their hair doesn’t get entangled into the comb. Moreover, to disentangle the frizzy hair one should go for hair mist, instead of using physical force to detangle the locks.

Hair Conditioner Is A Must

The importance of using conditioner for hair can never be under-estimated. The air is void of moisture and it is very important to apply conditioner to the hair. Moreover, caution must be exercised while applying the conditioner, since it must never be applied on the scalp. This is because it could make the scalp prone to infections. Further, applying the conditioner on the ends of the hair keeps the problem of split ends at bay.

Dry Hair Before Tying

The most common and frequent mistake that people make in winter is tying the hair before they are dry. Well, scarcity of time might motivate them to tie their hair instantly after washing the hair; however, this wreaks havoc on the hair, as hair fall is a common problem then. Apart from this, scalp infection is not uncommon as well in people who have the habit of tying their hair instantly after washing.

Cover Hair Properly

Covering the hair properly is an awesome way to prevent the hair in the first place. There is no need to go through all these processes and apply so many products if one is able to protect the hair from the harsh weather. Even though it is a challenge for people since they feel irritated after a while, still, covering hair properly does give them rewards by preventing their hair from hair problems.

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