Simple Tips That Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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Everyone is a slave to gadgets, computers, and laptops today. When none of these are available, we fall prey to the world of television. With so much strain on our eyes, it is important to care for them before they become tired and weary, resulting in the eyes becoming red and itchy. Here are a few tips to care for your eyes.

Glare Exposure
One of the biggest problems the eyes face when sitting in front of a computer screen of the television is the glare from these screens. Always opt for anti-glare screens for these devices. Another alternative is to paint the walls of the house with a dark matte finish paint to avoid reflections off them and reduce the glare.

Regular Eye Check-Up
Getting your eyes examined once every six months is extremely important. Keep checking your eyes to ensure that the vision is not hampered and infections are avoided. Keeping your eyes healthy and pampered is the best thing that you can do.

Take Breaks
Always make it a habit to take regular breaks while working. Giving your eyes rest from the constant glare of the computer screen is advisable. Take breaks every hour and go for strolls. This gives your eyes a rest and reduces strain in the body as well.

Protective Lenses
For those wearing spectacles, it is important to choose the right lenses that make your eyes comfortable. Using contact lenses causes the eyes to lose moisture and make the eyes irritable. Avoid using contact lenses when working long hours in front of the computer. This will make your eyes irritable and itchy.

Use Proper Lighting
Eyes get strained due to excessive brightness. Avoid using fluorescent lights on your computer screen and use floor lamps where possible. This will reduce the strain on the eyes and keep them healthier.

Sit Upright
Vision deficiency is caused due to inappropriate posture. Sit upright, adjust your workstation, and chair proportionately. In addition, you need to keep your screen at least 20 inches away from the eyes. This will reduce the strain on the eyes and keep your posture right as well.

Hydrate Well
One of the best things to do is keep splashing your eyes with water at regular intervals. This helps cleanse the fatigue. Drinking water regularly will reduce the swelling caused in eyes as well. This will hydrate the eyes and reduce the irritation caused by long hours in front of a computer screen.

Balanced Diet
Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important for your eyes. Consume foods rich in Vitamin A, C, and E to ensure good health of your eyes. Foods like spinach, tomatoes, kale, green leafy vegetables, dairy, and citrus products keep the eyes healthy and reduce the stress. Doctors also recommend consuming fish that are rich in omega-3 acids, like tuna and salmon.

Eyes are our window to the world. Many times, we take it for granted and cause a lot of stress to it. Treat your eyes well and you will not regret this in the latter years of your life.


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