Signs Indicating Good Overall Health Of The Hair

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People are always confused when it comes to determining if they don healthy hair over their head. While some reckon it is the brightness of the colour that counts, other go for length of the hair as an indicator to know if they have good healthy hair. However, if people experience breakage, split ends, or regular occurrence of dandruff then obviously their hair is not in good health. So, here are some of the signs that indicate that one’s hair is healthy.

Minimal Shedding Of Hair

The amount of hair that shed from the scalp is a significant factor to understand whether the hair is healthy or not. If one notices that a lot of hair gets removed from the scalp upon combing then it is time one took serious actions to combat this negative phenomenon from getting worse.

Smooth Texture Of Hair

Smooth texture of hair is also one of the factors that tell if one’s hair is strong or not. If one moves his fingers through the hair and receives nil friction then it means that the hair has smooth texture. However, if the fingers get caught in chaotic web of dry and brittle hair, then it means that hair is not in good health.

Good Response Of Hair To Moisture

The response of the hair to moisture is another way to decipher the overall health of the hair. Normally, one’s hair should retain their original shape when they are exposed to excessive moisture. So, curly hair would maintain their curls, while straight hair will remain straight too.

Dandruff Free Scalp

Appearance of the white flakes on the surface of the scalp is the most conspicuous sign that the hair is not in good condition. This may occur because of the environmental changes; however, one’s diet may also be the influencing factor in this case. So, one must take care of these things and try to identify whether they are not getting affected due to any harsh hair care products.

Minimal Breakage Of Hair

Another way to find if the hair is healthy or not is to tug it; if they retain their original shape then that’s fine, however, if a person feels that the hair breaks on doing so then definitely hair is not in good health. So, if one is afraid of tugging their hair because they might break then they should adopt strategies to improve the elasticity of the hair.

Shiny Locks

One’s hair always has a shiny appearance, whether or not one applies oil on the scalp or not. So, if one appears dull and lifeless then there is something wrong.

Elasticity Of Hair

Elasticity of hair is its natural characteristic. So, the hair should get back to its normal shape upon tugging.

Free Movement Of Hair

One’s hair should appear fuller and have free movement, and if this doesn’t happen one should make sure that they improve the elasticity and movement of the hair by applying appropriate hair care products.

Water-Repelling Strands

Water test is also a significant method to ensure whether hair is healthy or not. If hair takes a long time to come back to its dry state after water has been poured over it, then certainly there is a clear indication that they are more porous than required. So, if water is repelled by the strands the hair is healthy.

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