The importance of a healthy diet can never be overlooked in today’s hectic life that is full of stress and challenges.  The food one eats become a real savior for the people if it is chosen cautiously. Moreover, a nutritious salad plays a noteworthy role in ensuring that one stays healthy and active. So, it becomes pivotal to learn the art of making a nourishing and wholesome salad that provides all the essential nutrients to the people.

Picking Up The Correct Ingredients- A Real Test

The foremost thing to making a hearty salad is to ensure that the ingredients are chosen properly. Moreover, the quantity of the ingredients too is to be kept in mind. There are a lot of options that one has in summers because the vegetables are readily available then, however, a comprehensive knowledge about various ingredients and their availability will go a long way in ensuring that one has substantial choices for making a perfect salad.

Opt for Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are always the first ingredient of a plentiful salad. One could have 2-3 cups of these vegetables. Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, they are a good source of fibre that is required for digestion. Moreover, these vegetables keep heart diseases at bay.

Ensure The Diversity Of Vegetables

The diversity of vegetables must be ensured. Around 2 cups of roasted or even raw vegetables could be embraced in the salad. These veggies may include broccoli, beets, carrots, red cabbage, squash, etc.

Settle On Whole Grains

The tempting texture and the crazy taste of the whole grains, along with their dietary value make them a befitting ingredient of the salad. So, a quarter to half cup of properly cooked grains, like brown rice, barley, quinoa or farro should find a place in the salad.

Remember The Power Of Proteins

Proteins provide the essential amino acids that are required for building the muscles. So, vegetarians could include around quarter to half cup of beans, while non-vegetarians could opt for a couple of ounces of cooked chicken or boiled shrimp, or even steak. 1 or 2 hardboiled eggs too could be included in the salad.

Making The Salad Delectable With Dressing

After having done all the hard work of choosing the right type and appropriate quantity of ingredients, one last step is to choose the correct dressing for the salad in order to make it appetizing.  There are several choices one could exercise while making a dressing. One could go for the combination of olive oil and red wine vinegar with their quantity being 2 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon respectively. Further, the addition of half teaspoon of peanut butter or mustard, along with a touch of salt and pepper could enhance the flavour of the salad. Moreover, one could go for a spicier salad with the addition of some jalapenos. A toss of cheddar or feta cheese can add to the appearance of the salad and balance the spicier effect of the salad. Nuts like peanuts, or walnuts too could be added if one is not allergic to nuts.

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