How To Use Oils On Oily Skin

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Managing oily skin can prove to be a bit challenging sometimes. People with oily skin generally choose a skin care routine that leaves their skin dry, falsely thinking that this will prevent oiliness. Unfortunately, this is not the case. A skin care routine that divests the skin of its natural oil can actually make your skin oilier as your skin tries to restore the moisture y producing more oil as a defense mechanism.

So what should you do? Add some essential oils to your skin care routine. Yes you have read it right. You need to add some essential oils to your beauty regime even if you have oily skin. Using oil in your skin care routine can actually help you in getting rid of grease, sebum or make up on your face without doffing your skin of its natural oils.

Taking Care Of Your Skin With Oil

Incorporating oil in your oily skin care routine is a clever thing to do. Here is how you can add some essential oils to take care of your skin problems.

Choose The Right Type Of Oil

Cleansing is an essential part of any skin care routine and if you have oily skin than you must be using cleanser at least twice a day. Choose a mild cleanser that is oil based and has specifically been created for oily skin. Such cleansers usually contain fruit acids or anti-oxidants that help in regulating oiliness and keep blemishes at bay. Alternatively, you can also use pure oil to cleanse your face and wipe away with wet towel.


Cleansing with an oil-based product essentially removes the need of moisturizer especially for those who have very oily skin. However, if you feel that your skin needs additional moisture than choose a non-comedogenic, light weight moisturizer. Check to be sure that your hands are clean so as not to add any germ or additional impurities to your skin.

Use Blotting Papers

Always keep some blotting papers with you. Blotting papers are the best way to clean away excess oil that comes to the surface. Simply dab a blotting paper on your T-zone to absorb any excess oil. However, do not rub or wipe with them as this may cause acne breakout.


Sunscreen is very important for your skin as exposure to UV rays can easily lead to discoloration, acne and wrinkles. Use a sunscreen that is bon-comedogenic or gel-based as others may block your pores and lead to zits and pimples. If you have extremely oily skin than powdered sun screen is the right choice for you.

Face Towel

Hygiene is crucial when it comes to taking care of oily skin. Take into account the amount of time that you use the same face towel. As you pat your face dry bacteria and oil can get stuck to the towel and can make all your skin care efforts go in vain. Make sure that you do not use a face towel for more than two days in a row. If you have acne problem than it is better to use a paper towel to dab your face dry and throw it away.

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