How to Make Your Skin Whiter and Younger?

How to Make Your Skin Whiter and Younger?

Everybody loves to look young but only a few make an effort. If you find your skin losing its youthful look, you need to start thinking about ways to make your skin look younger and whiter. Thankfully, it is not as difficult, with plenty of great skin care products available in the market. Yet, how do you know which one is the right product for you? For that, you would need to know the effects of the ingredients in the product and how much it would help your skin.

Your skin tone and texture have a great impact on your personal appearance and makes you look attractive. It is always better to have a whiter and glowing skin instead of dull and dark skin which can give you an ugly look. The following methods will not only help you get whiter skin but also keep it so for years to come. These natural remedies are quite simple to follow.

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Increase Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C enhances the color of your skin and makes it supple. The skin’s basic support structure named collagen gets well-maintained with this vitamin. You can increase your Vitamin C intake by including fruits and vegetables such as lemons, oranges, gooseberry and its juice, strawberry, tomato, cantaloupe, peas and sweet peppers in your diet. Alternately, you can also consume Vitamin C pills every day to get your share of this vitamin.

Increase Vitamin A Intake

Vitamin A is mainly Retinol which is exactly what your skin is composed of. Supplying your skin with this vitamin helps to keep it healthy, remove all types of impurities and gives it a fairer tone. Vitamin A deficiency can make the skin weak and loose. Non-fat milk, egg yolk and oysters are quite rich in Vitamin A. Also, food items such as carrots, papaya, watermelon and tomatoes which contain beta carotene help keep the skin shining and glowing and improve skin tone.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Sun rays are more harmful for your skin than they are beneficial and this is why we recommend that you avoid the sun rays as much as possible. Apply a sunscreen lotion of minimum SPF 15, 20 minutes before you leave home during the day as this helps the lotion to get absorbed in the skin completely and protect it from the UV rays. Also, avoid air and wind pollution as much as you can as it can cause acne and make your skin tone dark and dull.

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Drink It All Up

Drinking water has untold benefits, one of which is lightening the skin tone and making the skin whiter than before. Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water every day as this will not only help your skin from drying but also clear out all sorts of impurities below the skin’s layers, making it fairer than before. Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning right after getting up as this is healthy for the skin and your heart as well.

Exercise Daily

Exercising for 30 to 40 minutes every day will not only keep your body in shape but also lighten skin tone to make it white. The reason behind it is that when you exercise, the body gets de-stressed and detoxifies, thereby feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This rejuvenation starts showing on the skin’s top most layer which lightens in tone and glows all day long.

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