How Does Green Help In Rejuvenating Our Skin?

The benefits of green vegetables are undeniable. Experts suggest that people need to consume about five servings of vegetables in their entire day and on a constant basis to get flawless and glowing skin. These green wonders comprise of countless benefits and can help in skin care.
We are going to talk about the benefits of these green vegetables to the skin and why they should be consumed on a daily basis.

Stacked with loads of vitamins that rejuvenate the skin!
Green vegetables are full of minerals and vitamins that work wonders for making skin healthy. They have several phytochemicals as well as disease fighting elements that prevent skin problems such as rashes, or itches thereby making it smooth, shiny and naturally glowing. Greenies also comprise of loads of water that keeps the skin nice and hydrated and results in a beautiful and smooth skin.

Good for blood circulation and enhancement of damaged skin cells:
The fact that green vegetables are so full of beneficial components such as calcium, potassium, and god knows how many vitamins; prove to be extremely efficient for adequate blood purification, as well as circulation. These vitamins accompanied by other benefiting components assists in producing new skin cells as well as repairing the damaged cells.

Protects the skin from harmful sun radiation:
Another important aspect of eating green vegetables is that they are extremely efficient in safe-guarding the skin from the hazardous and skin damaging UV rays. These rays damage the skin, making it dull and dark. Eating them regularly shields the skin and keeps them rejuvenated and shiny. Vegetables have water in them which can keep the skin hydrated and lively. The beta-carotene in vegetables is the main component of skin protection.

Reduces pimples, dark spots and other anti-ageing occurrences:
Regular consumption of green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, prevent occurrences of pimples, rashes, scar marks or other skin aging symptoms.

Other green benefits:
Apart from green vegetables, other green food source such as green apples or green leaves that are used as spices are also very benefitting for skin rejuvenation. While some of these green components are employed on the body as pastes of face masks, they are also essential when they are formulated into a beautiful and delicious meal.
Make sure to include green in daily meals. Complement them with your Vine Vera products and getting flawless skin will be easier than ever before.

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