Exercise More Often and Delay Your Aging Process

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The adrenaline rush, which results from a long sprint, jogging or yoga exercises, produces a good –looking, pink-cheeked glow. This could be the initial benefit, among others, that you realize when you exercise.

Apart from the evident advantages (toned muscles, weight loss, better mood); recent studies have proved that there is a direct connection between exercise and a youthful looking skin. Here, we extracted a number of ways that shows a relationship between your skin’s robustness and exercise.

Sweat Is Antiseptic

Sweat has many benefits. When you exercise, your body produces a lot of sweat which acts as a self-made steam bath. This process unseals pores and removes whatever was trapped in there. The best practice is to take a bath as soon as you are done with exercising. This prevents the sweat from drying and re-blocking your pores. Latest discoveries have revealed that sweat produces Dermcidin, a natural antibacterial which kills Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.

Intensified Blood Flow Washes Out Cellular Debris

When you exercise, the flow of your blood increases and your blood re-oxygenates faster. The blood flows into your heart and branches to your limbs and other parts of the body. This results to an increase of blood flow to your skin. Dr. Ellen Marmur, an experienced dermatologist, clarifies that the intensity of the blood flow during the exercise session flushes cellular debris from your system. She suggests that this effect leaves you skin purified from the inmost parts. You need to get out of your seat and start exercising!

Keep the Fascia Busy and Firm

Your nerves, muscles and blood vessels are held together by a web of tissue called the Fascia. These tissues surround the blood. An expert Anatomist and the author of Anatomy Trains: My fascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists, Thomas Myers, explains that you can keep your body young by maintaining its tissue elasticity. You can build your muscle memory, specifically its anti-aging remembrance ability. You need to keep your fascia busy and elastic always. This needs consistency and repetition. It is like learning a new art.


According to a recent study reported in the New York Times, your body releases myokines when you exercise. Myokines are elements that get into the blood and set the body cells in motion. This explains more on the processes that take place when there is an increase of blood flow leaving the fascia stretched. The study also showed that even if you have never exercised in your lifetime, you will notice an instant change in the look of your skin. Under the microscope, the skin samples of those who had work outs looked much younger than those who did not. All this difference was as a result of exercise. Can we find a place to buy these magical myokines?

Reduce Stress and Stay Young

Exercise ensures that cortisol levels are regulated.  A board-certified dermatologist from Baltimore, Dr. Noëlle Sherber, links high cortisol levels to an increase in sebum production. Sebum increases the breakout of acne. Excessive amount of cortisol increases the breakdown of collagen in your skin resulting to skin sagging and wrinkles. If you exercise more, your aging process will be delayed and you will stay younger.

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