Benefits of Using Vine Vera Under-Eye Creams

Some Amazing Benefits of Using Vine Vera Under-Eye Creams

Most of us feel that cleaning the face with a cleanser and applying a face moisturizer completes our facial skin care regime and that it is enough to get glowing and shiny looking skin.

What if we tell you that it does not?

Yes, the one area we fail to focus on is the area around our eyes. Did you know for instance, that your daily moisturizer or cleanser may not be able to do its magic on the area near your eyes? The reason is simple – it’s often difficult to reach this portion or apply your cleanser and moisturizer properly.

This is the reason why using an effective under-eye cream is quite important which comes with a world of benefits and offer extra care to the delicate area under the eyes.

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It is advisable to stick to one brand when using an under-eye cream. A cream which infuses natural ingredients and elements would be a better choice than one which uses chemicals and harmful ingredients. Chemicals make the skin dry, undernourished and dull over time.

1. Reduces puffiness

Under-eye creams fight off puffiness in this area. This puffiness comes from fluid buildup which in turn causes swelling in the tissues near the eyes. It can be commonly found amongst people suffering from sinus or any kind of allergy. However, people who suffer from lack of proper sleep, diet too much or consume a lot of alcohol may also experience this problem. Sometimes puffiness is just a part of the aging process. Creams which contain cooling cucumber or caffeine often work wonders in reducing the puffiness and swelling.

2. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Constant muscle actions such as winking, smiling or blinking or eyes get mixed with thinner skin around the eyes and result in early signs of aging. This eye-region aging is more prominent that the rest of the face. Use collagen-building ingredients such as retinol as this helps to boost thinning of skin and also smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles soon.

3. Reduces dark circles

Another common problem that women around the globe experience is that of under-eye dark circles. These dark circles can be the result of many factors such as heredity, smoking, exposure to harmful sun rays, stress and anxiety, shadows from the hollowing out of eyes and also pigmentation. Under these circumstances, it would be best to use creams which contain Vitamin C and K along with licorice and kojic acid that together fight off skin discoloration. If your cream contains peptides, it might help to make the skin look plump thereby getting rid of shadows. If your cream contains light-reflecting ingredients then it might give your under-eye region an instant brightening look too.

So, if you’re trying to use one of these under-eye creams, what should you know? While under-eye creams definitely have their own benefits, you need to know how to use them as well. Here are 3 vital skin care advice for using under-eye creams.

  • Store under-eye creams in refrigerator as the cool cream soothes tired eyes and reduces puffiness quickly.
  • Use the cream under the makeup as this will help you to apply the concealer smoothly and prevent fine lines buildup.
  • Always use fragrance free under-eye creams to avoid irritation of any sort.

It’s easy to use these under-eye creams and if you’ve got the right one, you can see the effects within a few weeks.

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