What is skin ageing? Ageing is a natural process that occurs with time. Our skin tone reduces, lines appear on our face and bags may be seen under our eyes. Although it’s a process everyone undergoes, that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it. Some factors, like our genetic make-up, we cannot change. However, there’s a lot we can do to slow down the ageing process and make our skin look young and fresh. Our lifestyle, our environment and our skin care all affect the process of ageing. This is most important for facial skin, which bears the most witness of ageing.So here are a few tips on what you can do.


You must know of the long list of benefits that exercise offers. Decreasing skin ageing is one of these benefits. The reasons are pretty simple. Exercise reduces body fat, as we all know, and builds up muscle. This muscle build up can improve our skin tone. High fat in the skin causes it to sag; exercise prevents that from happening. Also, when we exercise, our blood flow throughout the body increases. As blood is the means by which our body gets oxygen as well as vital nutrients, this increased rate of blood flow to skin helps make it fresher. Hence, exercise can give a better, younger look to our skin.


Dark circles give an aged look to skin and nobody wants bags under their eyes! The better sleep you get, the more you can get rid of dark circles. Of course, exercise plays a role in this as the more you exercise, the more tired you’ll be and you’ll get better sleep.


This may seem odd, but the logic is simple. If you wash your face too many times, it removes the moisture and oil that nature has provided our skin with. These oils are actually very important as they protect our skin. If this moisture is removed, our skin becomes dry and exposed. This can lead to wrinkles, which make our skin look old. So, take care of hygiene, definitely. But don’t go washing your face every other hour. And remember to keep your skin moisturised.


This is one advice we have all heard plenty of times, and rightly so, as this is one of the main steps to reduce skin ageing. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water keeps our skin hydrated. A shortage of water in our body will cause skin to start losing its elasticity, resulting in skin that looks old, dry and wrinkled.


If you smoke, here is one more reason to give it up. Smoking wreaks havoc with all systems in our body, and skin is no exception. Wrinkling of skin worsens by smoking. It also causes nails and teeth to become yellow. All of this will give you an older look.

So, these were some of the things you need to do to make your skin look as well as feel younger.

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